Monica Giovine • Life Coach, NLP Coach, Trainer & Mentor | Business Coaching
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Business Coaching


The Business Coach is a Mental Coach who acts on the professional sphere.

People who turn to a Business Coach can have these 3 different situations:

They love their business, they do so much in their business, they commit themselves, they are good, they deserve to be more successful or more customers, instead they think they get less than what they do and less than they deserve

They wish to create an additional business to their business to increase their revenue but still do not have clear ideas on what they could do, or have them but there are doubts

They have a job they don’t like, they are frustrated and tired and they would like to change their job maybe by starting out on their own but they still have fears to do it.

If you’ve seen yourself in one of these situations, Business Coaching is definitely for you.

The work we will do together will start from a psychological path, perhaps linked to your family matrix to understand what the possible blocks that can slow down your climb to success, what you want and deserve or your change of situation may be.

To dig on your matrix related to Business, Money and Success we will use the NLP techniques of dr. Richard Bandler and John Grinder, to get to understand what you really want and what are the internal obstacles or fears that prevent you from getting what you want.

We will also work on your self-esteem, on your ability to implement what you want and deserve what you want. Through deep cleaning of the beliefs we will work on your internal and external image that allows you to see yourself as you would like and to become the person you want to become.

We will also work on your emotions, on your archaic affective part, on your self-esteem, on your belief in yourself or yourself, and eliminate the unconscious beliefs that limit your ability to act in the correct direction.

We also need to eliminate the limiting false beliefs that you may have absorbed (even many years ago) from other rumors about your abilities and chances of being successful.

Only when we have removed all the internal obstacles and extracted your profound values, can we carry out a practical action program regarding your working life and your business to increase productivity in your business and move towards the success you deserve.

You may also need to set up a marketing and visibility plan on the web, depending on your sector and business.

It may be necessary to create or launch your brand to give greater authority to your profession, to you or to your company.




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