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Monica Giovine: my travel history

Monica Giovine: My travels and Experience history

Professional Personal Coach Life Coach specializing in relationships, and changes in personal life. Psychosomatic -Naturopath. NLP Master Practitioner, certified by the American Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming by Richard Bandler. Personal Coach for specialized reports and love coaching. Reiki Master since '94, recognized by the Reiki Alliance, from 'International Center of Reiki Training William Lee Rend in the USA and Italy and Komyo Reiki Kai Hyakuten Inamoto of Japan. Author of books and multimedia courses. Shiatsu operator, IES style Matsunaga. Teacher Channeling and introspection of the style of Barbara Ann Brennan, NASA scientist. Teacher of chromotherapy and Cromopuncture Dr. Peter Mandel. Floriterapeuta FAI. Teacher deep relaxation techniques and EFT practitioner. For over 25 years she has been involved with natural wellness, personal growth and research for her own self-fulfillment.