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Home Staging


There is never a second chance to make a good first impression.

“Oscar Wild”

Home Staging literally means – Staging the house Home Stager is the one who stages the house, that is, she is the “scenographer” of the house. The art of home staging means preparing the home and presenting it in an excellent, pleasant and exciting way to potential sellers. Home Staging has been used for a few years in the USA. It has arrived in Europe for a few years and has recently been gaining ground in Italy, especially in large cities such as Rome, Milan, Turin, Florence, Bologna. It is also spreading to other areas, to vacation spots and to some provinces. Try to take a tour of the city center in the big cities and see how the various shops are set up, no matter if they are furniture or clothing stores, or glasses, or bags and shoes, or bars. Look around. How spaces, colors are studied, how everything is created to welcome the customer and make him feel good, to give the customer pleasant emotions of order, cleanliness, harmony. Visit the website “Your Ideal Home” Why not take the same care to sell an apartment? The visitor to the property is a potential buyer so it is the customer. Home staging is not furniture, in fact the principles of home staging are very different from the interior designer.

The interior designer or interior architect prepares and furnishes the house for a specific customer.

It is a consultancy in which the customer expresses his taste for colors, style, etc. … the interior designer makes proposals and then designs the apartment according to the requests and tastes of the customer who will be his target. The home stager works differently.

The customer is not yet there, we do not know him and therefore the house is prepared to make sure that the potential customer falls in love with the property and feels already at home.

What to do if we don’t know the customer?

We have bases on the target depending on the type of house and the area and we must arrange the house so that it can appeal to as many people as possible so it must not have a too defined and personalized taste otherwise the sales potential of the property will shrink.

There are creative and psychological techniques to make the customer excited and make him feel “at home”.

So what the home Stager does is not to furnish a house. The house does not have to be ready for use with all the functional furnishings, this is good for renting a house not for selling it.

Home staging for sale is designed to make the environment pleasant and above all to positively excite the customer who must literally fall in love with the property. The professional home stager knows how to deal with hints of color, accessories and accents.

Few furniture is used and accessories are favored. There is a study of color that has its own logic, and a particular regard also goes to the details.

It has been analyzed that the customer makes the decision whether to buy the property in 5 seconds or not. It may seem very strange, in fact there are people who ask for a 2nd appointment and then think about it and they will let you know maybe after 1 month. This is a rational and accounting procedure, in reality it is the unconscious that chooses makes the customer fall in love with a house and not with the other apartments visited.

Why did the customer choose exactly that apartment and decided to make the purchase proposal?

The house is in the type and size he was looking for, but he knew this even before the visit, and he had seen others in the same size.

He estimated that it was part of his badget, but he knew this even before the visit, and he had seen others at a very similar price.

So why did you choose that house?

The visitor fell in love with or fell in love with the house. With his budget and his needs he assessed that this is HIS IDEAL HOME.

Visit the website “Your Ideal Home”

The home staging developed on that apartment was fundamental in the choice.

Example to understand the importance of home staging It has happened several times.

Both in the case of builders and investors. A real estate construction company builds new apartments.

They all have the same style, the same floors, the same fixtures, the same doors, the same styles for the bathroom, bathroom fixtures, tiles, taps, etc. … same building, all the same, possibly it can change the size on the floor but not in the same line .

Home staging is set up in a “typical apartment” also for sale, while the others remain empty. Even if the buyers knew that the furniture and accessories would be removed after the sale, and even if they knew that the value of the apartments was identical to the square meter.

The property sold first is always the one that comes with home staging. It is now a classic. The same thing happened in the case of split apartments which were then renovated. Same materials and styles for the renovation.

The apartment sold first is always the one with home staging. Unless home staging was done at all. Often in these cases they choose a “flat type” or two in case the sizes are very different as the target also changes, in one case it can be a single in another case it can be a family.

Even if new or completely renovated, the apartments presented with Home staging are always sold first compared to the same but empty apartments.

Home Staging combines my professional skills and passions that have involved my whole life. The creative part, technique, taste, harmony and relationship with color.

The psychological part, the customer chooses with the unconscious, buys the apartment that makes him / her excited. Visit the website “Your Ideal Home”


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