Monica Giovine • Life Coach, NLP Coach, Trainer & Mentor | 10 steps to learn: “how you can love yourself?”
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04 Dic 10 steps to learn: “how you can love yourself?”

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10 Steps to learn: “how to love yourself”

1. Stop all criticism of yourself from this moment on!

Remember that there is no constructive criticism, criticism is criticism, don’t judge yourself anymore.

2. Accept yourself just as you are!

It does not matter if perhaps you have a little belly, maybe you’re not tall, if you are a man and maybe you’re bald, or if you are a woman and maybe you have cellulite, or you’re not skinny, or whatever you thought of your “YOU” and, although you can always improve yourself, you’re already perfect the way you are, remember, ALWAYS.

3. Dedicate at least half an hour (more is even better) all to yourself every day

To read, write, meditate, paint, dance, sing, sleep, listen to music, take a walk or at least do what you like.

4. Be generous to/with yourself!

Give yourself a present every now and then, give yourself a massage, a walk in a park, a trip to the beach, a day at a spa, a cinema, a picture, a haircut, a new suit, a dance class, a sauna, etc.

5.  Develop your skills and recognize them

Recognize that you are really good at something … writing, drawing, cooking, sewing, listening to others, giving affection, or do anything else that you’re good at …

6. Do not judge each day and forgive yourself

At the end of every day, get into the habit of examining your actions. Limit yourself to examining them only, without judging.  If you can, write in your notebook what you are thinking about.  After you finish this daily analysis, repeat this sentence: “I did the best that I was able to do in this situation (with that person), I will continue monitoring myself to improve myself and my actions.  I will continue to forgive, to love and improve myself.

7. Smile often and cultivate a sense of humor

Watch a comedy or a comic cabaret, buy a humorous book, be ​​tickled, laugh, laugh, laugh!  Laugh at events, laugh at life, learn to lighten everything thanks to the great power of laughter to make yourself feel better and better.

8. Learn to relax and breathe consciously

Start now:  sit comfortably, put your feet on the ground and your hands on your knees. Keep your back straight, and breathe slowly and deeply, keeping the focus on your breath as it enters and leaves the nostrils.  With every breath that enters repeat mentally “I AM” and with every breath that goes out mentally repeat “calm and serene”.

9. Be aware of the needs of your body:  listen

Eat only when you’re hungry, healthy foods, sleep when you are really sleepy, rest when you’re tired.

10. Repeat several times a day and every time you look in the mirror: “I … (your name) … I LOVE MYSELF – I … (your name) … I AM FULL OF LOVE – I … (your name) … I DESERVE TO BE HAPPY – I .. (your name) … I LOVE MYSELF COMPLETELY AS I AM – I … (your name) … I LOVE MY LIFE. “

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  • Suzy
    Posted at 12:36h, 21 gennaio Rispondi

    Great job Brandon. I didn’t know you we’re such an eloquent writer. May The Lord continue to bless and use you. We miss you guosEAlyha.lliott

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