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24 Set How did she find her soul mate?

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Sabrina is a girl who came to me to make a path of LOVE COACHING and allowed me to tell her story.

Sabrina came a few times for sessions of life coaching about her emotional relationships and her relationships with men, and she told me that they never had a “happy end”. We have analyzed the inner child, Sabrina and her mother had been abandoned by her father when she was young and she grew up seeing her mother alone and unhappy, and then without expecting anything good from men. She had a very short marriage, finished the second year, in which she felt neglected and betrayed by the husband.

After this failure, Sabrina has always met wrong men.

Obviously I don’t agree. Of course, they were not relations that made ​​her happy, but there is a reason and it is internal, unconscious and related to the energy. What actually happens is that every person who comes in your life is playing a symphony of vibrations with you.

If Sabrina related with men in search of short adventures, it was, subconsciously, she wanted that kind of men and without knowing she herself was escaping from love.

For example, a man who does not want a healthy relationship, who does not trust love, he will find, subconsciously, a woman who is seeking for suffering or loneliness.

A person who loves and thinks to deserve love will approach and engage with another person with the same requirements. All this depends on our inner emotional matrix and internal scripts in relation to the inner child. A person who had parents who fought, is afraid to start a family because, for his/her, marriage means war, feel bad.

A person who had a happy family will grow quietly and peaceful, with good relationships.

But, now, let’s return to the beautiful story of Sabrina. How did she find her soul mate?

Sabrina said to me: “I escape because I’m afraid of suffering.” I realized that Sabrina was afraid to be happy and, unconsciously, she was looking for the suffering because it was just what she expected. Sabrina was rather afraid of being happy because her mother was not happy.

We worked with the LOVE COACHING on her inner patterns and her self-esteem, and on her ability to give and receive love and to deserve love and happiness. She let go the sense of guilt for her mother and the unconscious self-identification in her for the situation of suffering and loneliness.

Sabrina also understood that she was another person who could be happy, live in love and it wasn’t important if the mother has not lived joy, peace and love. Sabrina deserved to live love.

Sabrina had to stop punishing themselves and feel responsible for her mother and she had to start not to escape from love. To meet a man in search of evasive adventures means that the same woman is running away from love at an unconscious level.

Now Sabrina is engaged she and her partner are happy, they love each other and are doing great projects together. Now Sabrina does not run away from love more, but she lives it.

Sabrina knows now that she is loved by the person she loves.

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