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Love Coaching


We live in an era where interpersonal and emotional relationships have changed greatly in recent decades.

As a result, we now frequently encounter lots of people who are single by choice or divorced; they may or may not have children.  However, we might not always be prepared to deal with these new situations, thus leading to frustration in our lives.


  •  This frustration can be transformed into satisfaction through a series of Love Coaching sessions.
  • Do you frequently encounter the same kind of person?
  • Do you tend to repeat similar situations in your relationships?
  • Do you find the same kinds of problems in every relationship?
  • Do you meet people who tend to break off relationships?
  • Do you tend to leave or be left ?
  • Do you think other people or your friends are more fortunate?
  • Do you meet people who are already in relationships?
  • Do you feel the opposite sex doesn’t understand you?
  • Do you think you received less love than that which you offered the other person?
  • Have you lost trust in men or women?
  • Are you afraid of being hurt?
  • Do your relationships start well and then they tend to fail?
  • You have met many people but none of them seemed to be the right one?
  • It’s time for you to change your history!


Through Love Coaching it is possible to change thought patterns which lead you to repeat those unsatisfactory emotional situations. It’s time to realize that the solution is not outside of you, but that it is within you.

Do not blame yourself, though.  DO NOT have any guilt. But it is important to change the dynamic unconscious mental state which tends to bring you the same situations, or even to bring you what you fear the most.


With a new opening, with a new confidence in yourself, to trust others, to trust in people, to trust in love you can give and receive, which is much more than what you think you can do now.  It is like wearing another pair of glasses so that you can see your future and realize “I am in a new state of being.”

But above all, it is important to work on your mental state.  Have you found yourself  in situation where you tried to “earn” affection and approval from others.

How many times have you broken off a relationship in order to avoid suffering more?  It‘s important to communicate with your subconscious, in order to understand what you expect and deserve, and to change those mental states that limit you or isolate you.

Maybe you need to change your conditioning and self-limiting unconscious protection with new empowering mental states of trust, openness, acceptance and love.

Remember that there are no “mistakes,” there are only experiences that serve for us to grow and learn from; so that we can mature and become stronger.

Remember that you have not wasted time, every moment of your life has been lived and has been helpful in your growth as a person.


lovecoachingFirst, before we can love and be loved, we have to learn to love ourselves.  It seems so simple, but unfortunately the lack of self-confidence, love or self-esteem and self-acceptance are the evils that afflict our times.

We see it in the historical moment we are experiencing in relation to our feelings and family.  This is something  new to our society, which only 30 or 40 years ago didn’t exist.

Today, however, we see many people 30-40 or even 50 years old, and sometimes beyond, who don’t have families.

Often, after several failed attempts at marriage, cohabitation, or relationships, etc., they live in solitude, between home and work and among a few friends.

For these people , it is firstly important that they bring balance into their lives and understand what they really want for themselves, without external influence.


The interference of others is, unfortunately, often harmful.  Their suggestions might seem like good tips, but in fact, they keep you away from “YOUR real feelings.”

And you’re the only person who knows what is right for you.  You just have to listen to yourself,  as you did when you were a child.

And you know that you knew it very well.  It was all spontaneous and natural.  As a child, you knew what you liked and what you needed.  Then you grow up.

Among the many  “nos, don’t do this, this is right, this is not good, you have to do this, you have to do something else, this is not right for you, this is right!”  you started learning that it was more important to listen to the voices outside of you, not your inner voice, the voice that comes from your heart.


p_6_3_3_633-thickbox_default-90-Prepaid-Psychic-Love-Coaching-MinutesPerhaps you felt that you could not do the things you liked but “had to” do things that you liked and without much explanation.  You did what you had to for your survival at that moment.

Maybe you learned to respond to the expectations of others instead of to your expectations of yourself.

Perhaps as a child you were taught that love is earned and, therefore you have always done everything to prove that you deserve it and have lived up to other people’s expectations in exchange for the desired prize:  love and acceptance.

Nobody is to blame for anything.  We all seek love and do it with the tools we know best and believe to be right.


All human beings seek to protect themselves from suffering and maybe the price is loneliness and/or difficulty to change when a relationship does not work out.

We learn to change mindsets through COACHING and LOVE  in order to have the satisfactory love life we want and deserve to have.




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