Monica Giovine • Life Coach, NLP Coach, Trainer & Mentor | How did you find love, Jenny?
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18 Ago How did you find love, Jenny?

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Love, she did it and finally found her love!

Jenny has always had complex and difficult relationships and has suffered a lot, as a consequence.

When Jenny arrived at my office in Milan for the first time, she sadly told me that she has always dated married, engaged or anyway non-single men.

Sometimes, she also dated single men who used to tell her that they were not ready for a commitment. They used to tell her that they only wanted to date somebody but no strings attached and she always felt she was the lover, the object, the tail-end in their life, the person they would have fun with, but that would not be involved in their daily lives nor in their private life.

Jenny used to suffer as this was not what she wanted, she felt lonely, put aside, she did not feel important. She felt like a lover, used for their pleasure and then put aside, waiting for the following meeting. This would make her feel lonely, disappointed and frustrated.

Jennyis a pretty girl, attractive, slim, nice face, deep eyes and long hair.

People often ask her: “How is it possible that a pretty girl like you still hasn’t found a boyfriend?” or “No, I can’t believe, you are so pretty, you can’t be single”.

These sentences upset her as she felt like a nice object in a shop. Jenny used to answer: “What’s my appearance got to do with it? What about my feelings? What about my problems? I’ll date you because you are pretty”. She angrily adds: “Shall I wrap myself up nicely or am I ok like that?”.

Actually Jenny was quite right. Being pretty has got nothing to do with being loved. A pretty woman can be the dream of many men, but then what counts is her personality, her desire to be in a relationship or to be single, her inner side and her weaknesses.

I tried to understand what her childhood was like and what she was like as a child in order to understand what gets her away from what she wants.

Her weaknesses come out in her words, her parents were authoritarian, emotionally harsh, her mum never showed her any affection as she would have liked. Jenny worked hard and her mum was never happy and she often felt criticised, there was always something wrong in her or in what she did. The father was very alike. Also the relationship between her father and her mother was not easy and Jenny grew up surrounded by fights at home. She was close to her grandmother who unfortunately died when she was still a young girl. As a result, Jenny felt even lonelier.

After some years, Jenny found a good job and bought a house with a mortgage. She is now financially independent, however she feels lonely and unhappy inside. Jennyis a very smart girl, sensitive and pretty, she has got a good job but she feels lonely and because abandon and loneliness are inside her, despite her qualities.

When she came to my office for the first time, I found she was determined to change, Jenny told me” I want to stop falling in love with ghost men or men with a partner.”

So I answered:” Good, now it’s time for you to love a single, special man who can give you all the love you deserve”.

We have worked very well together. Through NLP techniques, Time Line to understand her complex love life, EFT on her emotions and unaware blocking beliefs.

After, I prepared some personalised inductions for her and about the love she deserved. I put them on MP3s so that she could listen to them quietly in the evening when she was in bed. Jenny unconsciously believed she didn’t deserve to be loved because when she was a child, the people that she loved always made her suffer.

Jenny was unconsciously afraid of relationships because her parents’ relationship was emotionally terrible.

Jenny only knew loneliness that was always with her and which she unconsciously searched, although she would say she was unhappy.

We also worked on forgiving her parents because by forgiving them she would have got rid of all the burdens. We used PNL techniques on her inner girl, starting to relive the pain and giving her love.

Jenny called me or emailed to tell me about the developments of her situation and I must admit she was very good.

She really wanted to change and she was very committed to the exercises I gave her to change her love life.

Some months ago, Jenny met a single, very kind, caring, loving man who was genuinely interested in her.

At first, Jenny was a little afraid of letting herself go to this new, normal and harmonious situation. She couldn’t believe it was real. She only needed to let her old fears go, now she could finally do it.

She used all the tools and I encouraged her to love herself and get love. This is the aim of LOVE Coaching.

Jenny started to date him. The love story started quietly and then… Jennyworked it out!

Now Jenny and her boyfriend are a couple, they are in love and happy.

Now Jenny has a real love story and she has made her love dream come true.

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