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12 Set Karmic Encounters

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Karmic encounters

Generally, the most significant love stories, intense and tormented, find their origin far away in time, that date back to past lives.

The meaning of these bonds is to restore a balance: one partner has something to give back to the other one.

If during a relationship between two people dating back to previous lives, one of the two did injustices and abuses of power against the other, in this life, it will be necessary to balance the karmic debt contracted in the past. In any case, the unions based on a karmic debt don’t flow smoothly, the couple meet obstacles and often one of them suffers obvious injustices and abuses of power by the other.

When instead there is no slope with the past, the kindred souls come into a vibrational level of harmony and they attract and unite themselves and their forces for a common growth.

Their union is marked by the harmony and the absence of tension, which allows them to express their potential, totally, and unite them in a deep same way. Not all unions with these features, however, are meetings of twin souls in the true sense of the word.

Not always the encounters come from a bound of the past lives but may instead be a line of energy with the aim to tune in the same vibrations at that particular time of life. You can be attracted by someone not known in past lives, and live love stories, more or less happy, thus creating a new karmic bond, not necessarily negative.


The word “Karma“, a term taken from the Hindu philosophy, has been interpreted in various ways.

Many use the following passage from the Bible, to explain the word: “Everyone will reap what they have sown.” It means that our actions generate equivalents reactions and karma is therefore likened to the law of cause and effect (Newton).

A single action creates a reaction and many similar actions create many other reactions, and karma starts existing.

Karma is an action who creates a result, and the sum of the consequent results. Therein lies the importance, often neglected, of the personal will and free choice. Every choice can create a new karma or destroying an existing one.

Karma is neither good nor bad: it is neutral and is based on the interpretation that is given and its consequences, which can be classified as positive or negative.

Karma is considered a universal law and it assures you that you should always compare yourself with what you’ve already created.

We can say that “Karma is patient”: it has got all our lives to find you. Therefore, even if you try to escape from the consequences of the action in this life, it will meet you again in another life until you untie the knot.

Karma has a strong importance as well as in the encounters.

In all your life, your destiny will involve the need to be accountable to your karma, in the unresolved karma accumulated in past lives, or any new karma that you can create in your present life.

However, it is your soul (which is your light) to determine the targets on which the karmic decide to work in a particular life. For example, you can suppose that in one of your past lives you were married and your relationship with your spouse has been contentious and confrontational. Maybe in your present life your soul decides to resolve the karma of that life, and therefore one might expect that the theme of your present life is focused on personal relationships in general and, more specifically, on the acquisition of your ability to forgive.

Will you meet again your old partner?

It can certainly happen, but it is not sure. You will meet and marry again that souls, or you can meet his/her in the form of parent or child or brother/sister or relative or colleagues. Alternatively, a person you don’t know can appear and engage with you to learn this lesson … or maybe the lesson you will learn about forgiveness will be more abstract, or, simply, it will teach you how to forgive yourself.

In any case, it is certain that during your present life, you choose a personality and a set of circumstances that will reflect the way you have chosen, that your soul has chosen, to solve the problems and untie the knot of karma, by selecting the traits of the character that will help you to achieve this goal.

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