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30 Mar Love Coaching for singles

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The life coaching sessions can be for a person, for the singles are useful to identify the reasons for which you have not yet found the right person and you’re not happy in love as you wish and as you deserve .
I don’t believe in luck or in bad luck . Perhaps you think that you have gone wrong until now.

Or maybe sometimes you’ve got intense and interesting stories and then for one reason finished and you think have gone wrong .
In fact there is something deep in yourself that we must understand .
You need to know what are your expectations deep inside you feel loved or you think to deserve loved inside yourself.
I know you want to find the right person, but you want to logically and rationally.
In fact, if you’re not yet in the couple is because a deep part of you expects to be alone or to wait love forever.
Perhaps this is your pattern and this pattern is deep in your unconscious .
During the sessions of love coaching for singles, man or woman, we will try to understand what is your personal affective matrix and we will try to put all the energies in the right place .
I’ll teach you same good exercises useful for emotional independence that you will need to release your past to clean up your emotional matrix , your expectations conditioned in your unconscious came
from by your past and inner child and we will work to imprest to your subconscious that you deserve
love in your life.
And also you deserve to be happy , to love and to be loved.
Not careless or abandoned , you deserve to be loved.
Remember: you cannot meet the right person, in a clubs, in a parties, in a gym clubs, in a discos,
or in a dance places, and much more places… if you haven’t done a deep work on yourself at the first time.
Of course you will date someone as has already happened but would continue to repeat your patterns .
If you want to be happy and to close a chapter by difficult stories in your life and to change your love stories, it is useful to take a deep work on yourself to change your deep believers and your deep expectations from bad to better.
By love coaching sessions we can work together professionally by changing your expectations and your present and future histories and make you in the ideal condition to deserve love, to be happy in love, open your heart to accept a person who love and be happy together.
Love coaching sessions can be online via Skype, and it’is a very used method, it’s comfortable , convenient and effective wherever you are… or you can meet live in my office in London or in Milan.
To write to me, please go on my website you can see below , the “contact” page .
Remember: You deserve LOVE!!!

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