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IMG 3498 Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine

Monica Giovine is a dear friend of mine, and I respect her so much and, moreover, she was my Reiki teacher. Monica is a very nice person, unique, even a bit special, also for her unquestionable professional knowledge intrinsic to humanity that she has and transmits to those around her with delicacy and restraint. The first perception I had about Monica, was the genuine love she has for her work, the same love that moved to the people who entrust themselves to her, accompanying them along a path of grace, happiness and joy. Her knowledge, due to more than twenty years of experience in the field of bio-natural disciplines and personal development, due to her teachings at international level – with which she was formed – and the diverse search for new methodologies around the world, make sure an element of the first order on the national scene for capacity and competence.

Maximum Bertoja – Milan – Personal Trainer – NLP Master Practitioner – Master in Counseling – Counselor – Professional Coach – EFT Operator – Reconnective Healing ® Practitioner – The Reconnection ® Practitioner – Usui Reiki Master.


 Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine

Monica Giovine is a dear friend and is my Reiki teacher. I met her at her Reiki school in September 2013 because I wanted to achieve the 1 Reiki  Level. Later I continued along the path under her guidance, receiving the  2 Reiki Level diploma, and now I’m ready  to conclude the Reiki itinerary obtaining the title of Reiki Master.

I’m happy with the knowledge of Monica. I immediately liked her willingness, sympathy, sensitivity, competence, humanity and wit. Monica is a special person who transmits humanity and a sense of well-being. Among her quality of course there are the passion and depth of her soul combined with a warm emotion that surrounds, heated, color. Thank you Monica for the continuous exchange of ideas and knowledge that have certainly not been fruitless but they opened the door to a course of study, awareness and continuous discovery.

I also liked Monica Giovine’s art. She paints in a sublime way, and her works has made me had a lot of emotion.

Andrea Cattaneo – Bergamo – Grafologo – Teacher of Graphology – Author of books on Graphology and the Psychology of Handwriting


 Cosa dicono di Monica GiovineYears ago I received some Facebook messages from Monica on Channeling and I wanted so much to meet her.

My desire was materialized when Monica, responding to my message for working writes with her, saying that she was enthusiastic about my proposal.
I felt Monica, since I received her first message, like a sister Soul: a strong energy affinity, a strong connection, a strong pure affection.
Knowing her closer, I noticed that we are like two peas in fact one of her wonderful initiatives has been to create together the Academy Quantum Soul AC.QU.A.
Monica lives in constant contact with the wisdom of the Soul materializing the project land.
I’m glad I met her in my life.
Thank beautiful Soul of Light!

Ana Maria Ghinet – Malta – creator of the Energy Coaching and technique of reprogramming the Zero Point Energy (REP ZERO), SPHERE Certified Coach, Trainer certificate from the school of T. Harv Eker. Director of Business The following site Mission, the author of the course Multimedia THE POWER YOU.



Monica has been for me one of those people I met while I was doing a search on the internet about one of my passions for training, pnl and coaching.
I needed to find someone able to explain to me and give me the foundations to become a lifecoach. So I found  Monica on the web … and after a short-term contact by e-mail we met in person. Right now I perceived as a very sunny and mostly helpful, even though we were “strangers”, and always back to the subject of the “case” is also a Reiki Master, another one of my greatest passions … well, I did 1 +1, and we found ourselves =)
Monica is always  a great professional and collaborator to me, the woman of a thousand resources and with a great gift, “knowing how to listen.” Thanks for signing Monica manifested in my life. Go on like this forever, but … always better!

Addressed to find someone to explain to me and give me the foundations to become lifecoach Monica so it was that I found on the web … and after short-term contact by e-mail we met in person. Right now I perceived as a very sunny and mostly helpful, even though we were “strangers”, and always back to the subject of the “case”. She is also a Reiki Master, another one of my greatest passions … well, I did 1 +1, and we found ourselves =) Monica remains for me a great professional and collaborator, the woman of a thousand resources and with a great gift, “knowing how to listen.” Thanks for signing Monica manifested in my life. Go on like this forever, and … always better!

Cristian Barbarino – Bergamo –  Graphic Design, Communication, Advertising, Marketing. Interests: Reiki, Technology, Design, Music, Coaching.


 Cosa dicono di Monica GiovineI attended a course of personal growth with Monica Giovine for improving relations and  then I followed the sessions of Life Coaching staff and this path has literally changed my life!

Good, good, good! Monica Giovine is awesome, and then I wanted to publicly congratulate with Monica for the spirit, the love and passion she puts on us and that animates  her in her classes and her Life Coaching sessions.

Monica Giovine is an ‘ITALIAN EXCELLENCE between the forming of personal growth. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TRUE HEART Monica Giovine.

Francesco D ‘Alessandro – Turin – Entrepreneur


154 zps12af04da Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine

I found Monica, or she found me during my Reiki path, at a time when energy demanding and therefore very delicate. From the very beginning with his sweet but firm approach put me at ease, I drove up to the faith and security, I found that smile, that office that I had failed. Thank you Monica for teaching me what was important, it is comforting to think that there are still people like you. The Universe made me know your simplicity, your affection, your proximity teach me from afar. One day I hope to reciprocate. Thanks!

Paola Lorenzini – Genoa – Nurse. Reiki, Yoga, Aikido. Co-founder of the Center in Genoa harmoniously.


155 zpsf2169f87 Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine

During the inner journey that starts aikido has evolved with Reiki merging them into a single discipline, after experiences often incomplete, I finally met Monica with his kindness and simplicity has been able to confirm some of my insights and shed light where doubts emerged, making yes it became possible for me to understand the sheer nature of the Universe. I want to express my gratitude and deep intent auspicarle with all the good that will give her energy.

Stefano Barbieri – Genoa – Reiki Master, Black Belt in Aikido, co-founder of the Center in Genoa harmoniously.


9782d285 2c51 4c29 9950 2e669c5ed73c zps65740c84 Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine

I met Monica in 1996 through a friend of mine who gave me his address. As I am a person who goes to instinct, because I instinctively felt that I liked even his name whose root Thu, equal to Gio-ia. And who knows? The fact is that I contacted her immediately and her voice I loved it and I felt inspired. Monica immediately gave me a feeling du sense of tranquility and reliability. So I took her Reiki Master and a few years after the Karuna Reiki Master. Now, after almost twenty years, to be precise eighteen, I’m still here with you and I am following the path of Reiki Komyo that will end later this month with the teacher level.

Loredana Garotti – Lugo (Ra) – Holistic Naturopath, Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Master Komyo Reiki, reflexology, iridologist, Nutritionist, Master of the 22 angels of healing, Angels Masters of Karma, Master Light of Arcangerl Empowerment, Master Isis Blue Moon, Master Warrior Spirit of Goddness Morrigan Empowerment, Crystal Healing, Bach flower remedies. Yoga Nidra. Founder of the ‘Association of Social Promozine JA DHA.


 photo 7f1259f2-edc8-4d84-9416-e30ed4eb7962_zpsdgc9xjd6.jpg

I approached at Reiki for about ten years  remaining in the second level all the time for various reasons, but the main one was that I could not move forward in the evolution of energy. I found myself one day in internet search to rummage in the various pages about Reiki and what attracted me most was to Monica Giovine. From the first contact on I felt that warmth and humanity that she gives off, and so I decided with my wife to continue the route taking the third level and the master from her. My expectations encounter with Monica have largely been overcome by the energy and love in which he played the course and activation to Reiki Master, my doubts and curiosity have been resolved by the extensive experience and wisdom of our Master Reiki Monica.

Elia Urigu – Rome – spiritual seeker, an expert on energy and magnetic bio-energy


 photo 76ab989d-29c2-4e48-9113-44feeaf5e759_zpsatcu5pmh.jpg

I had the opportunity to know the MASTER MONICA GIOVINE thank you infinitely for the activation Reiki Master who has given me. I also felt so much serenity, peace, health and new joys, I hope to meet you in other opportunities to be able to enjoy all his knowledge and positivity … thanks to MONICA GIOVINE TEACHER AND KEEP GOOD LOVING HIS MISSION

Maria Gomez – Rome – Naturopath, an expert on Mayan culture, Wheel of medicine of the Maya, Mayan Astrology therapeutic, poet, herbalist


th Foto Marco Ferraro1 Cosa dicono di Monica GiovineI met Monica Giovine because she is the author within the portal for personal growth.

Monica Giovine drew my attention with her honesty and the professionalism she exposes certain topics with. In particular with the law of attraction, where, with her articles, she gave me further insights into even more, and have a different point of view in order to grow and learn more and more. Then I had the pleasure to meet her live and she is a volcano of enthusiasm and positivity …. contagious! Thank you Monica for what you do.

Marco Ferraro – Verese – Magnetic Coach of the Law of Attraction – Web Marketing Consultant


 Cosa dicono di Monica GiovineI met Monica Giovine during a beautiful afternoon, in a rainy day and she  has made ​​me know my husband, Marco Ferraro,  a person who already knew who she was and what she was doing.

A few minutes before I was ready to see her, as I usually do with other people whom I do not know. I was puzzled because as soon as the ‘I saw her and looked into her eyes, I did not know why and how it came, but I came right away to give her the instinct of you and no problems. Perhaps because I felt positivity and immediately made ​​me feel at ease.

As soon as we met, I immediately had a sensation of  warmth and joy that I felt like we knew each other for years, as if we were childhood friends because she sent me the joy and serenity that is not for everyone, that’s what you get  as first impact without having ever met her before… and it’s still that way.  I found in  Monica  a special affection that I will always have and carry on and will never forget.

Talking about work is a person who by his contributions, his value, his motives and his articles always find them informative and interesting and you always leave something, take a cue from and reflect.

Thank you Monica for the contribution that you give me and for what you do! You’re always yourself.

Chiara Talin – Varese-Copywriter


 Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine

I had the pleasure to meet Monica Giovine during her course of Channeling.
Monica is definitely a great person with  a humble heart, and with infinite resources, which can transmit
consistency with her  great knowledge and professionalism.
With gratitude. Jhonny Mariotto.

Jhonny Mariotto   – Padova – Trainer and an independent researcher, teaches courses and conferences to help people find their own way, professionally and personally. He spent over 15 years in different parts of the world: Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Brazil, Mexico, the Caribbean, Africa, Egypt, where he met with teachers, spiritual guides, mentors and researchers. Wrote Live your Passion – Being happy is published by Macro Edizioni


 Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine

I met Monica Giovine by searching on the internet and by the time I was looking for a good person who could lead me to the wonderful world of Reiki and, behold,  as soon as I saw her website I felt inside of me that Monica was the right person. Knowing her,  I was immediately inspired with confidence. So I started  studying with Monica the  Usui Reiki and Reiki attunements and after an intense period of practice with Reiki courses, I became a Reiki Master. Monica as well as being a true friend is someone special, especially because she knows how to teach and convey love with this ancient and unique discipline of natural healing and universal love.

John Corna – Bergamo – Physician and Surgeon specializing in orthopedics. Sports medicine and orthopedic.


1013899 10200783174514908 1200957572 n zps7f77f048 Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine
During a work experience and spiritual quest in Australia I approached the world of Reiki and from there the desire to deepen and take the path with heart light of this method of natural healing. I landed on the site of Monica and immediately I felt that she was the right person who would accompany me to discover the wonderful world of Reiki. Not wrong. Monica with his passion, his light and his professionalism guided me with dedication and heart full of sincerity within the universe Reiki helping me to understand and develop all the nuances of light needed to do Reiki is not only a method of natural healing but a real way of life. So it was, Reiki came into my life, and he shall go no more.

Thanks a lot Monica
Love, Light and Laughter always

Danilo Penna – Cremona – Usui Reiki Master, Holistic Educator and Researcher Spiritual


 photo 228269_1013219248044_8394_n_zpsr6plymim.jpg

Monica .. How many years have passed I think more than 20. You were my teacher Reiki are a dear friend always available ready to help … person filled with great humanity prepared in what you teach, you do it with your heart with your whole self .Thank you for allowing me to be part of your family … Sister path. I embrace Margherita

Margherita (Daisy) Bedetti – Montevecchia (Lecco) – Worker Shiatsu, Crystal Therapy


 photo 11813332_121859568156860_968561535866822460_n_zpslo8y9arh.jpg

Monica is a wonderful woman, charismatic, good, sweet, humble, funny, very professional, always ready to help his neighbor with love … I met Monica in February 2013, after it happened by chance on his YouTube video, I I looked and I was there to listen to this person did not know, but that played so much even in a video … his words, his voice was all energy and serenity. So I decided to contact her by mail, because I was ready to become a Reiki Master and “I found my Master.” I therefore enrolled in the course of Usui Reiki Level 3 and Master; the first level having already achieved in 2008 and the second in 2009 in Ticino (CH). 15 February 2013 have therefore become Reiki Master. Thank you Monica for taking me on this journey full of light and energy and to be always present!

Antonella Cristinelli – Ticino (Switzerland) … Reiki Master Diploma in Reboutologie and Reboutement, massage neuro-articular – Specialist in nutrition and fitness


 photo 11705223_10204683323991564_6321723006346538451_n_zpskljxbqru.jpg

I obtained a Reiki Master with Monica Giovine I consider a wonderful person from the huge heart and professionally very competent and versatile. Besides the vast culture it has a remarkable capacity for empathy and a great radiance that makes you feel instantly welcomed and loved.

Monica is a really special person !!! I thank the universe for putting her on my path.

Laura Beltrame, Bollate (Milan) – Nurse Specialist at the dialysis department at the hospital in Bollate (Milan)

 photo angelo_zpsjfkoiocg.jpg

I met Monica Giovine during a course of personal growth in Milan, and then I decided to make a personal journey through private sessions of life coaching. The benefits that I have had have been many. Monica is an extraordinary person and helped me so much to solve my personal situation. I never tire of saying thanks to Monica Giovine for his professionalism and for his skill.

Angelo Ghisleni – Bergamo – Local Administrator



 Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine

For a long time I was looking for a Reiki Master that could  reflect my ideas and surfing through the countless websites one of them hit me in a special way. I saw a video with a woman who solar spoke about Reiki and a little dog who listened to the task. I contacted the site  and so I met Monica Giovine. After a while I reached. I live in Genoa, and I took 3 trains to go to his school Reiki in the woods, but I would have done many more miles. By now I knew that she was my Reiki Master. So they embarked on a journey together that brought me to the 3rd level Reiki and Reiki Master. Monica is sunny, sweet and direct, in addition to his professionalism that immediately strikes you always seem to know it. I always thank the case (but the case does not exist) that put me in his way.

Patrizia Guidi – Genova – Master Reiki & spiritual researcher


IMG_5304I met Monica, my “super” Master Reiki, initially turning to Facebook, then intrigued I visited her the RIS site, the school, and they have been literally conquered. I had stopped for a while ‘with Reiki for personal reasons, but always with the desire to resume sooner or later my path … that moment arrived with Monica Giovine. I sent her an email explaining that I wanted to continue with Reiki and she listened to me and gave helpful advice as a true friend with a capital and then make the decision long awaited and in my heart so desired. I took the Master with her and it was an exciting and full of emotion from all points of view. Monica is always available to give you tips and clarifications, and especially never leaves you, as well as being likeable. So for her I got over that my Reiki teacher, a reference point for my career and for helping others and for myself. Will not finish ‘never thank her and I thank all the energy of the universe for letting me meet and they came into my life.
Marina Luzzo – Rome – Reiki Master


cI embarked on my Reiki journey with Monica and now we are in tune revenue …. I think that is a dowry of Monica able to make you stand out well in his company. It ‘a very sunny person, able to carry you with his enthusiasm towards the right direction. sincere and transparent person, attentive to your needs. Monica is very well educated in his work and passion that puts us is really addictive. As well as my teacher I consider also Amica. Thanks Monica !!!
Claudia Bondi – Parma – Parma Holder Reiki, Master Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, Ayurveda, plantar reflexology, Shiatsu, Crystal Therapy, Behavioral Corporate Training

r - Copia - CopiaMy Reiki path began in 1995 in India. I wanted to know Monica so I could compare with her and with his knowledge. Monica is very cultured and prepared and I wanted, and I was really happy, repeat the Reiki path even with her. I heard Monica a wonderful energy; It is just a nice person!

Raffaello Minari – Parma – Reiki Healer of Parma




giancarla Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine
I met Monica Giovine because I wanted to reach the second level of Reiki. As soon as I shook her hand, I felt a positive current passing through her to me … Monica greeted me with a beaming smile on port d ‘input as if she was waiting for a friend who knew all.

So that’s the great thing about Monica: the boundless love she shows for others.  I felt immediately in tune and I had some beautiful sensations.

She is a wonderful person, very balanced, humble, able of alternating moments of deep concentration and moments of quiet relaxation in which she can make you share her life of  travels and the immense culture that has gained with studies in all the disciplines she has learned.

She is a woman with a great intellectual depth her immense wealth within. I really intend to continue in this path of light, since I think it’s really rare to find a person so bright that makes the journey less harsh and serves as a beacon in the darkness of our lives. Thanks again to Monica for what he does for us students. A hug Giancarla.

Giancarla Brojanico – Milan – Administrative Assistant at High School in Milan


ValentinaDemelas Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine
I started to follow Monica Giovine on PiùChePuoi, the portal NA1 of personal growth in Italy for which Monica Giovine collaborated for many years. Later I visited her personal website and I bought some of her products with audio and relaxation inductions, thanks them I had great immediate benefits, wellness and serenity.

I am grateful to Monica, a lovely person and valid professional.
All my best congratulations, with great enthusiasm and affection.

Valentina Demelas – Voghera – Writer, corretrice drafts – Laughter Yoga Leader.


75797 1580223556911 1575347179 1333965 3426179 n Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine

I had the pleasure to personally  meet Monica Giovine during her Channelling course,  held in Salerno on February 2010, a whole new topic for me. Monica was able to get me excited not only for the educational content of the course, but also for her friendly approach and friendly.

Pasquale Foglia – Avellino – motivational writer, author, driving supereva of scientific astrology, author of essays: “Happiness Coach”


 Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine

I Know Monica Giovine form all my life 😉 Monica Giovine is a bright and sincere person who has completely dedicated her life to her work and assistance in relation to other people. And as if she had soul, DNA desire to lend a helping hand to others to make them feel good and to be themselves. Monica Giovine affects her great preparation, of nearly 30 years,  her extensive experience in the industry, her expertise, her professionalism and above all motivated by a deep and sincere passion for what she does. A tireless spring. Always ready to upgrade to put body and soul to every project with a total dedication. Relying on her is a guarantee of continued collaboration and trust. She is a “great” at 360 degrees for what she does and how she does it, with a sense of purpose, mission staff, totally immersed in what she is doing. A professional certainly valid, genuine and passionate.

Mariasole Casati – Milan – Spiritual Counsellor – Channeler – Spiritual Coach – Danzaterapeuta


Barbara+Scarpa+x+testimonianza Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine

I met Monica Giovine attending courses of  Channeling and  Reiki. When I was there, I was immediately surrounded by a beautiful feeling and I  felt first her professionalism and preparation involved and , at the same time, her irony and sympathy. On those occasions, I decided to continue my journey of personal and spiritual growth. Immediately after class I developed my inner perception, intuitive and listening with my own. Thanks to the path done with her,  I  reached the awareness and the desire to develop my gift of voice and music, and now Monica Giovine is following me as a coach talent in singing and in my professional career. I thank Monica Giovine with enthusiasm and for the confidence she put in myself and in my talent.

Barbara Shoe – Milan – Singer


th 5249 100473356635347 5056813 n zps23ccd4ce Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine

I met Monica Giovine in London during refresher courses on Life Coaching and I met her recently in London at the workshop with Richard Bandler. I’ m constantly in touch with Monica Giovine as we both share the same profession in the field of personal growth and self-help staff. Monica is a highly trained Life Coach , experienced and very thorough. She keeps up-to-date in her activities and has an open-mindedness that leads her to have a professionally  confront at an international level, traveling the globe to follow the innovations in the industry. As a person, she is a highly educated woman and very patient from the human side. I congratulate with Monica Giovine for the passion she puts into her business, for her professionalism and for her skills.

Alfonso Alongi – London, UK – Life Coach


 Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine

For many years, I’ve dedicated myself to  other people. I taught for 30 years as part of the design pedagogical support. I worked for the Pro-juventute Ticino in Swisse devoting a great deal of care and support to those who have requested me. After a long career in the care of the next in a holistic way one day, I felt the strong need to deepen my needs in the field of ENERGY and I wanted to achieve the traditional Usui Reiki Master and Karuna Master. After extensive researches, I had the fortune to meet Monica, that, with  a lot of professionalism, has accompanied me to my goals. It is with great pleasure I can convey teachings and all the love and care with the Universal energy that people deserve.

Walter Stahel  – Lugano – painter, art teacher, artist – Reiki Master, Karuna Master, diviner, holistic practitioner and energy.


15744 1219285282553 1241536061 30677871 3713378 n Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine

I am an artist and painter. Many art critics complimented for my work but I wanted to get more hits from my career and passion. So I turned to Monica Giovine and began a beautiful journey of life coaching and coaching art in relation to my value as a painter. I learned to increase my self-esteem, overcome doubts and fears, gain confidence and I realized that my paintings were worth even before but it was my personal image that he needed to “assert” as a person and as an artist. I have learned to deal with the public, for what concerns the exhibitions. I am very grateful to Monica Giovine for including me and for its preparation. Next month I will have an exhibition in Milan  for two weeks and I am full of joy and enthusiasm. Many thanks to Monica Giovine.

Fabrizio Bidoli – Pordenone – Artist and Painter


 Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine

I ‘ve known Monica Giovine for a  long time and I’ve been to her ​​channeling and Reiki  courses  and I was pleasantly charmed by the friendly tone and openness that I found in her. Subsequently the seminars we started to develop a course of talent coach. I am a painter and thanks to Monica Giovine, I found the right energy to pursue my dream and my artistic talent that I cultivated for a long time. I am very excited about the route that we have been walking together, the positive charge and the receipt of the results:  I’m getting in the industry that I love thanks to the help coaching of Monica Giovine.

Alessia Morgantini – Milan – architect and painter


 Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine

I’m Sabrina and I met Monica Giovine about one year ago during a particular period of my life characterized by a lot of confusion but also by a great desire for a change. I found her almost by accident but because I do not believe in chance,  I immediately sent her an email and we immediately decided to begin a journey together. From the first moment I had a feeling of serenity and courage and at that moment I said to myself, “Yes we can do it!” And so it was. Already after the first month of Life Coaching sessions with Monica Giovine , I noticed changes in me and in my life and also the people around me felt very strongly that  I had a positive change. I noticed and still known my growth as well as known my steps back when I neglect the time for myself and I forget to do the exercises so useful for me learned in our meetings. I never had any doubts, so even now after a year the way together continues.

Monica Giovine has always been  ​​available in meeting my  work needs and I have to say that every time i’ve  needed, she has always been there! Simply good, knowledgeable, friendly, knowledgeable, sincere, in a nutshell, a fantastic person, professional and friendly.

Sabrina Pratolin – Venice – Techniques of Psychiatric Rehabilitation – Assistant psychiatric and neurological


Copiadicid 68F444F3 EAFD 4D56 89F0 Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine
I met Monica Giovine in person, attending the course of Channeling she held in Salerno in February. During the course I was able to appreciate the gifts of sensitivity and kindness that she radiated at 360 degrees, as well as her professional training. The Channeling has definitely left me a greater sense of security in interpersonal relationships, and above all the desire to continue this wonderful journey in search of self that makes life worth living at all times!

Loredana Scauzillo – Salerno – teacher


 Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine

I met Monica Giovine when I was attending at her holistic  school “The Rising Sun” in the woods. I received my Reiki Master with Monica Giovine and then I attended the Channeling. Monica was very helpful to me, was very polite, friendly and nice. We had some good days together and the courses were very nice as well as having been given the explanations very clear. I am very grateful to Monica for all she did for my, for her patience, for her thiching, for the love that she puts  in the teaching of subjects who knows thoroughly, and for her  availability.

Marilena Ottino – Zurich (Switzerland) – Reiki Master


Copiadilady Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine

I met Monica Giovine in Milan during the individual Channeling course. I was immediately dragged by her enthusiasm and above all by her professional background and her vast culture. Thanks to the course I have developed listening to my intuition and my real needs and then we continued along a path of personal growth through personal coaching and she has helped me tremendously. I feel more serene and I restored my passions. I think the personal and spiritual growth go hand in hand, at least this is what I have learned along the way with Monica Giovine and that is what I feel.

Carla Lanfranchi – Milan – segretary


danieladeho Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine
My journey of personal growth began about a year ago when I decided to individually attend the first level of Reiki  with Monica Giovine. Thanks to her solar availability and the great professionalism, I decided to continue following the course of Channeling and then the second level of Reiki. Thanks to her temperament, her vast knowledge, his great proportionality  and her sweetness , I felt very in tune with her. Even for this time, my journey is continuing with Monica Giovine as a personal coach on my way.

Daniela Deho ‘- Pavia – chemist. During recent years,  interest has developed for personal growth, energy medicine, and her curiosity drives her to be interested in any technique to improve your state of well-being naturally.  She is attending a school of professional shiatsu with joy and enthusiasm.


manu Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine
When the student is ready, the teacher appears. I found Monica Giovine looking with curiosity on  Internet  for a Reiki course. When I met Monica Giovine in person, her competence, her preparation and her great enthusiasm, I was so involved and tempted  to continue the path of Reiki with her, even for  the study of the energetic disciplines with which I feel in tune and decided to deepen knowledge of shamanic crystal. We found we share many interests and many experiences, and now our teacher-pupil relationship is turning into a beautiful friendship!

Manuela Fasoli – Mandello del Lario (Lecco) – Diploma in Psychological Astrology Karmic and at the Eridanoschool Lidia Fassio in recent years has come close to the disciplines of energy for a journey of personal growth. He is currently attending a course on “Therapy of V ^ dimension” with Michelle Bruyere at the Astrological Centre in Bologna. Former athlete of the national ski team, ski instructor in Bormio, collaborating with the magazine “SKI” for the book “Zodiac”. Her activities include teaching and astrology consultations in the provinces of Lecco and Sondrio.


MaurizioBrocca Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine
In life things happen, for no apparent reason, “almost” by accident and it is “almost” by accident I met Reiki and Monica Giovine.

A note in an email from a friend who had attended a course, a link on a network, some research on the web, everything  was a discovery and a becoming.
Monica Giovine is a kind, cheerful, enthusiastic, prepared, professional, nice, with a great humanity and with an extensive and varied culture. With her, ​​you can really talk about everything from quantum physics to the most transcendent of the natural disciplines and bio-energy and Monica whenever amazes you with invaluable information. I approached with enthusiasm, but also with some doubt to Reiki and Monica Giovine made ​​me love it until it became part of my daily life. Reiki is a gift that changes your life for best and I think it should be a gift for everyone but maybe not everyone is ready to learn Reiki. I think Monica Giovine is the best guide to a path of growth, knowledge, Love and personal development and she can provide a special support in multiple disciplines.

Maurizio Brocca – Lodi – Employee technician who likes to call “common man”.


 Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine

I met Monica Giovine for a design written before us.
In November of last year, I signed up for  a facebook’s strong friendship with a person and I joined the group: “Channeling and Superconsciousness.”
On December 24, 2009, I received a friend request from The Rising Sun that reaches me as a beautiful ray of sunshine on a rainy day. Aware that nothing happens by chance, I lived this friendship request as a gift!

I contacted Monica by email in January aware that our road would cross and I was intended to meet her.
So May 15th last four days ago I took the first level of Reiki with Monica Giovine.
It was great to meet her in person and immediately i had the feeling we were so well together. We had started to get a feel by phone, and our meeting was the confirmation of the good feelings that I felt.
Monica Giovine was  very prepared. She is a beautiful growing soul, full of life and sensitivity, attentive to every small gesture, to every little sensation, and perception, it is very pleasant to be with her:
you feel at ease and time dilates chanting its real natural rhythm, free and fluid. We are in the meadow of Light & Love and Monica Giovine is a splendid example.

In addition to the great depth and experience what more stands out is her conscious human being and this makes her “unique”! I just opened the door to my true path and I’m happy to have found Monica Giovine waiting for me, a person who, first of all , lives with her heart.
Thanks to Monica for everything!

Simona Vanoli – Bergamo – 33 years – used


 Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine

I met Monica Giovine in July 2009 on the occasion of my desire to attend the first level of Reiki. Even though I live in Milan, I preferred to reach her in Brianza, in a very relaxing and surrounded by greenery place,  Monica teaches courses of spiritual techniques and disciplines, relaxing and balancing for body / mind / spirit of purely Oriental origin. Her kindness and professionalism, pushed me to take the second level Reiki and then the course of the Master and Channeling Channeling. All her courses are absolutely interesting and touching. The way she led meditations and transmitted the enthusiasm of these disciplines, brought me to live a unique experience, so if I can say, as a limit the conceptual terrain …

Sonia Cascitelli – Milan, mother employed in the tourism sector. Main interests in the field of welfare and bio-natural disciplines. Thai foot massage practice, Thai, Swedish and cervical. She loves baths and spas and can barely escapes from the daily grind.


 Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine

I met Monica Giovine through the pages of her site and I particularly struck her resume that shows experience within the versatile disciplines  bio-energy and natural, naturopathy and physics, knowledge gained through a great job of many years of research, started naturally by herself and, more over, the sweetness of her face that shines deeply. Subsequently, I had the great pleasure to meet Monica Giovine last year during the course of the 3rd level of Reiki.
It was the confirmation of what I expected and that I had long imagined: I found myself in front of a person really special: very helpful and very prepared. Monica Giovine gives unconditional moments of happiness, to  whom is  approaching her direct knowledge.
From this meeting, a friendship was effective  consolidated as a prelude to collaborative purposes and continuity of the speech began with Reiki and more.

Maria Teresa Ferrari, said Terry – Turin. For several years dealing with studies and research on individual well-being. And ‘Naturopath graduated from the Milan Riza, he attended various courses of bio-natural disciplines, in particular, has specialized on energy practices and relaxing massage with essential oils. He is currently attending a multi-year course in ethno-medicine at the University Popular AEME.TRA. Torino, directed by Prof. Valerio Sanfo.


 Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine
A year ago I signed up for an event on facebook, and I could not think I could meet some special people like Monica Giovine. I noticed by chance the name of the site “Center of The Rising Sun”, which immediately struck me to the radiance that emanated this name as the person who created it. Immediately after, I plugged it in to see the kind of topics treated and, listening to the voice of Monica in her presentation online audio, her voice immediately transmitted me a feeling of security and calmness and so much serenity. I decided to take a course in individual channeling with Monica. Thanks to the course and to Monica, that made ​​me realize that you have so many beautiful things in life. We create our destiny and we must above all be positive and always transmit good feelings to other because if you do good  things, you’re good and so you can attract other goodness. I also learned to meditate, to reflect on my thoughts and also to get in touch with my Guide  of LIGHT (I like to call it so). Thanks to the web, I had the pleasure to know  a  truly professional person, precise, who gives you hope and, above all, a person who has acquired many years of experience in helping people to feel serene and to be in peace with themselves. I am convinced that fate had brought us together and I’m happy. You can not help but appreciate a person like Monica Giovine, because she might do so much in the life of EVERY  INDIVIDUAL, in addition to there, finding a good friend! Thanks to Monica Giovine for her availability, radiance, openness and courtesy!

Marianna Sole – Florence – childhood educator with a passion for education, voluntary protection of animals.


 Cosa dicono di Monica Giovine

I contacted Monica Giovine in a very tough moment of my life. My boyfriend left me  few months ago and I couldn’t have any peace, at that time his return was my obsession. I was not happy at all and kept asking myself why it had happened. I started the sessions of personal coaching with Monica Giovine and, from the first time, I started to feel much better. Monica is very patient, understanding, prepared and skilled in her profession. After the first session, I kept thinking about that person but in a different way. Then Monica gave me some xercises and an audio to listen at home on a daily basis. Thanks to Monica Giovine, I ve learnt to love myself more and take care of myself. I also became interested in personal growth and I found a purpose that makes me happy. Now I am attending a very pleasant person, without expectations, just let it be. Thanks Monica Giovine and everything you gave me!

Elizabeth Roncati – Cremona – employed in the company. She is interested in personal growth and he’s interested in the GNP.


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